Creating a blog for free using blogger is one of the easiest things if your follow mentioned step below

How to create a blog on blogger

 But, who am I to teach you?

Well I had been using for more than a couple of year, so I have enough experience to taught you above 


If you clicked on my post that means you want to start a blog post and search for a free blogging platform at the initial stage to give a try to blogging.

I also started blogging like this and now I became a full-time blogger just because of


Do you know that more than 70 million blog post publishes every month, so before it increases far more be a part of it?

Before directly getting into how to create a blog on blogger let’s discuss 

What are the benefits of starting a blog on blogger-: 

  1. Free to use, you can create a blog for free without any investment 
  2. Google’s product, as Google’s product so it is more trustworthy  
  3. Beginner friendly, the blogger is very much beginner-friendly as at the end of this blog post you don’t have to visit another blog post
  4. Free SSL certification, blogger provides you free SSL (Secure SocketsLayer)  certification that means your site is fully secure, another web hosting site will charge you an amount for SSLC
  5. Free domain, a blogger is a platform that provides free domain with extension but it's fine if you just want to learn about blogging.
  6. Free to transfer, if you learn well about blogging and now you want to switch to WordPress, you can do it with a blogger easily.
  7. Make money from blogger through AdSense, affiliate marketing and many more 
  8. Best free blogging platform as compared to other free blogging platforms it is the best amongst them

I think this much of benefits are enough to start a blog on blogger

If you are confused about which topic you want to make a blog about then this will help you -

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Now let us move further-

Create a blog on blogger

One of the basic requirement to create a blog on blogger is to have a Google account.
I hope you already have your google account and if not then you need to create, it just takes a few minutes to create a google account.

Just follow the pictures in this post to understand it in a proper manner

  1. Go to Google and search for
  2. You will get into the Home page of blogger
  3. Click on Create Your Blog as shown in the above picture

Email verification

After clicking on Create your blog you have a sign in with your Google account. Make sure the account which you are using is valid because you will get an e-mail for verification and also if there is any update regarding your website you will be notified through this account.

The same Google account will be used for Search console, Adsense, and in many places.

After selecting your account click on Next 

Title for blog

Select a Suitable Title for your blog which will represent your whole website, like in my case- HOW TO START A SUCCESSFUL ONLINE BUSINESS FROM HOME WITHOUT INVESTMENT. So this is the title of my blog you can check this out.

  1. Choose a title to represent your blog posts
  2. You can give any title you want afterward, you can edit it just for the creating purpose set any title just to confirm your profile

After typing your Title for your blog click on Next

Tips- Research before selecting your title will help you in SEO ( search engine optimization )

Author name for blog

Display your name 

  1. Select the name which you want to display in your blog post
  2. You can't able to edit it afterward 
  3. Choose your original name ( Avoid funky names )

Click on Finish after putting your name.

Free blogspot domain

Select your Domain name for your blog 

The domain name is the address of your blog were your bog post will be displayed.

Select Niche/Topic related Domain name 

For example -: Your blog is about pets

So choose a domain name like,,, etc.

As a default domain extension is showing to you like but if you want then you can add a custom domain ( paid ).

By including niche related keywords in your blog you can increase your blog SEO.

Check the availability of your domain and register it by click on Save

Blogger dashboard

Finally, you have completed your registration process and now you can write, edit, your blog post and you can change settings, and can customize your blog layout. 
This means you can do whatever you want to do from your dashboard. 

After reaching to your dashboard now when you want to login to your dashboard you just have to search in your web you will directly land up in your blogger dashboard you need not have login once again.

Blogger theme customization

 After reaching to your dashboard, the first thing you need to do is to select best responsive templates for your blog which will be displayed in the page 

There are plenty of free blogger templates available in it you can choose any of it and can customize it according to your need by just clicking on the customize button and if you have HTML and CSS knowledge then customize it by clicking on three dots or you can add any outsider theme by just clicking on Restore.
Choosing the best template is one of the most important things in blogging because it attracts the reader to continue reading your blog.

Blogger sidebar

  1. Stats - where you can see you almost everything about your blog traffic, source of traffic, and how many views on your blog. In short, stats are used to analyze traffic to your blog
  2. Comments - Is the place where you can see the comments of your blog post
  3. Earnings - It shows your earning report of your blog
  4. Pages - It shows the pages in your blog like privacy policy, about us, and contacts us, etc.
  5. Layout - You can customize the layout of your blog i.e, the appearance of your blog
  6. Theme - You can change and edit your blog theme
  7. Settings - You can change edit your full blogger account.

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New blogger blog

Now as you can see your blog is live. Just click on view blog on the dashboard or you can type you blogger URL in google 

Now its time to make and customize your blog and turn it into a professional-looking blog

Let's start with a writing blog post

Blog post on blogger

Writing a blog is one of the most important and crucial part when it comes to blogging. Because Content is King. People come to your blog just to see any solution to their problem or to get extra knowledge.

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 When they find no value in your content they bounce back.

Always keep in mind while writing a blog post, think in the readers perspective, will you ready those types of a blog when you want to know about that topic?

I use the same technique before writing any blog post

You can use free tools like

  1. keywordseverywhere
  2. Answerthepublic

To do content research, what people are most searching for?

Blog post setting on blogger

  1. Compose or Html - You can write your content in the form of text or in the form of Html code  
  2. Undo - If you have done any mistake then you can probably correct it by Undo option
  3. Redo - Opposite of Undo
  4. Fonts - You can change any font you want from this option, I use Arial
  5. Font Size - You can change the size of the font from it
  6. Format of your Sentence - Either it could be a Major heading, Heading, subheading, minor heading, or normal.
  7. Bold - You can make your font in bold
  8. Italic - You can highlight any sentence by making it italic
  9. Underlined - You can underline any sentence you want.
  10. Strikethrough - It puts a strike on texts like This
  11. Text color 
  12. Text background color - like this
  13. Insert link - You can insert any link you want in your blog 
  14. Insert Image - You can insert images on your blog
  15. Insert Video - You can insert Video or provide a link of that video which you want to upload on your blog
  16. Insert Special characters - Like emoji's
  17. Align - You can change the alignment of any sentence like right, center, left
  18. Increase Indent
  19. Decrease indent
  20. Additional settings

blogger post sidebar

  1. Labels - You have to label your content to make categories, it makes it SEO easy for your blog content-- Like if your blog post is about cooking then go for labels like recipes, cooking, etc
  2. Publish on - You can schedule you blog post
  3. Permalink - Permalink means a link of your website like
  4. Location - Location of your blog, you can select any location you want
  5. Search description - Text which appears on the search engine below the title, you have to compulsory write a search description to improve your SEO
  6. Option - This is comment option you have to keep it default no need to change it

Blogger setting

Basic blogger setting

  1. Title - Do enough research before confirming it, although you can change it anytime but rather than change it frequently set a one time title for your blog which will last long till your blog exists 
  2. Description - It should describe everything about your blog which help in SEO and also the reader will get a clear idea about your blog posts
  3. Blog language - select your language in which you want to write your content this help blogger to identify your blog
  4. Adult content - If your content is adult content then make sure you allow that select which will provide a pop-up notification whenever a reader will visit your site whenever a reader 
  5. Google Analytics Property ID - Google analytics is the best tool to track your blog. You need to create a Google Analytics account and connect it with your blogger account by inserting the ID ( you will get it in google analytics account ) 
  6. Favicon - It is the logo of your blog which will display on your blog tab

Other than that all setting keep it as a default setting 
Blogger meta description setting

Make sure you enable this meta description setting so that you are able to write a description for your blog post

Blogger https setting

Also, make sure you enable Https setting because Https shows that your website is secure and Http means not secure 

People will only trust only those website which is secure and will feel confident to share their detail like email id, or any other information

The best part is that blogger provides it for free but in other blogging platforms you need to pay to get https setting in your blog post

Blogger setting

It is up to you how much blog post do you want to display in the first page of your blog and I'll suggest you to keep it default 

Blogger comment setting

Comment setting - Change it to only google account user. This setting means who all can comment on your blog, if anyone can comment on it you end up getting spammy comments and you can't able to report them.

So better select it to one google account user
blogger formatting

Select your Time-Zone - Blogger will work according to your time zone and it will help you when you want to schedule your blog post.

Blogger layout

You can appearance of your blog through layouts. 

You can change it as what you want to show in harder, footer, sidebar. There is no restriction in changing layouts you can do whatever you want

Finally, You are ready to start your blogging career  

If you have any queries related to blogging then you can contact me on my social media account I will definitely help you out 

I hope you enjoy the journey of reading this blog post